Capture1SPECTAcolor is the first tumour Biobank and biomarker analysis platform to test molecular alterations in colorectal cancer patients whose illness is spreading fast. Solde Adidas The aim of the Biobank is to develop personalized cancer treatments tested in the course of clinical trials.

Today, the EORTC is proud to announce the enrolment of the 100th patient in the Biobank since its official opening last September. nike goedkoop Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Mini This is in itself, a milestone in the history of this ground breaking project and is a measure of its success as the accrual of patients is steadily picking up! SPECTAcolor is hoping to enroll between 600 > 800 patients this year.

Total number of enrolled patients per country on 7 February 2014

Breakdown of patients accrued per country as of 7 February 2014
Germany 65
Spain 20
Switzerland 18
Total number of patients accrued 103

Several institutions located throughout Europe are currently collecting tumour biological samples which are processed at the Dresden Biobank in Germany where the DNA is analyzed to identify the cancer biomarker of each specific colorectal cancer patient in view of entering them into biomarker-led clinical trials where cancer specific personalized medicine can be tested. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren blauw In addition, other specific cancer genes are tested by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, using advanced genetic research technologies to identify deeper mutations that may intrinsically drive cancer cells.

Aust-resizedDr. mochilas kanken baratas Daniela Aust, Lead Pathologist of the Biobank in Dresden, Germany adds, “Two years into the project, we can now proudly say that we are on track and have started recruiting colorectal cancer patients and analyzing their tumors. Chaussures ASICS Gel Glorify pour Femme Our efforts will lead to the creation of dedicated clinical trials in which targeted therapies will be tested on the basis of our molecular biomarker analysis.”

The concept of Personalized Medicine versus Standard Treatments: A premier initiative in cancer research Management!

Nowadays, in spite of using the best possible treatments available, cancer treatments for colorectal patients have proved somewhat aggressive and toxic. Rather than being targeted, therapies act all over the body, treating not only cancer cells but also normal cells, causing at times, irreparable damage without necessarily proving very effective.

With its over 50 years of cancer research experience and treatment, The EORTC has come over time to endorse the principle of personalized medicine, which turns out to be a cancer therapeutic revolution!

The concept of personalized medicine, how does it work?


Targeted therapies are drugs or other substances that block the growth and spread of cancer by interfering with molecules which cause tumour growth and progression. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren wit Kanken Big Baratas Targeted therapies provoke the death of specific cancer cells, deliver drugs directly to them and stimulate the immune system to itself eradicate them.

In short, personalized medicine aims at developing a treatment that targets the patients’ tumour type specifically and acts like an “antidote” that contains and stops metastatic progression. air max pas cher The first aim of a targeted treatment is to prolong the lives of metastatic colorectal cancer patients. As research in cancer management progresses, SPECTAcolor has the ultimate objective of saving patients’ lives!

More generally, the principle of Healthcare is becoming increasingly personalized. nike air max norge As most drugs are effective for only about half the people who take them, the current trend in research consists in identifying which patients will benefit the most from specific treatments and how to optimize treatment administration. Molecular data is playing an increasingly important role in this process.

Targeted therapies are now being developed that act specifically in known-disease sub-populations that are identified by specific molecular features . Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Kids This is the case for SPECTAcolor.

An EORTC cancer research premier initiative: A Biobank leading to the first ever creation of biomarker-led clinical trials testing out personalized medicine!

shutterstock_73881016-resizedFollowing patients’ recruitment and sampling analysis, the EORTC is in the process of actively setting up the first biomarker-led clinical trial in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.